2010 News

October 5, 2010 - ZelTech Selected as a Winner of the Raytheon Network Centric Systems (NCS) Supplier 3 Star Excellence Award

awardZelTech has been selected as a winner of a Raytheon Network Centric Systems (NCS)
Supplier 3 Star Excellence Award.  The Supplier Excellence Program is designed to formally recognize Raytheon suppliers for exemplary performance in working with that company.  ZelTech is one of a small elite group of suppliers that has maintained the highest standards in supplier performance.  To give a little perspective on the significance of this award, we were selected along with the other 26 recipients (two of which were international companies) out of more than 4,300 companies that support Raytheon on over 4,000 individual programs.  In order to receive the award, we were evaluated on our performance record, delivery of services, overall support to TRS/Raytheon and the government customer, and we had to maintain a 96-98 percent delivery and satisfaction factor as calculated by Raytheon. 

August 29, 2010 - Jack Ezzell Comments on Hampton Roads M&S Future

imageZelTech CEO Authors Op-Ed Article, “M&S Not Limited to Military Uses.”  On 29 August 2010, Jack Ezzell, CEO of Zel Technologies, LLC offered comments addressing the proposed closure of Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), the impact and proposed future for Modeling and Simulation (M&S) activities in Hampton Roads.
























July 21, 2010 - ZelTech Wins NAVSEA SeaPort-e Contract

On 15 July 2010, ZelTech was notified by the Naval Surface Warfare Center that we had received a full and open prime SeaPort-e contract award applicable to Zones 1 (Northeast), 2 (National Capital Region), 3 (Mid Atlantic), 4 (Gulf Coast), & 6 (Southwest) based on the recent 2010 Seaport-e Rolling Admissions competition.  Seaport-e is primarily a large US Navy engineering, technical, and programmatic support services ID/IQ contract that matches well with many of ZelTech’s core capabilities.  The period of performance for this contract is 5 years.

May 11, 2010 - Orion PA-1 Launch is Flawless

The ZelTech team led a spectacular effort. Click here to watch the launch and LAS Lawn Dart, click here for an alternate view.  For the NASA countdown/track, click here.   UPDATE....click here for photos...

The Orion PA-1 flight test went off on time and without a hitch. The flight vehicle performed flawlessly. The vehicle hit 16.2 g's during the boost phase. The reorientation occurred on time and the Launch Abort System jettisoned from the vehicle on cue. The parachute deploy sequence was all nominal and the Crew Module landed softly about a mile down range. The crew module is in perfect condition. There's not a mark or dent on it. As expected, the Launch Abort System lawn-darted into the desert floor. We found all 47 feet of it accordioned into an eight-foot hole.

ZelTech had a large part in making this flight test a success. To quote the deputy project manager who hand-picked us for the job, "ZelTech kicked butt."


May 11, 2010 - Space Adventure Robotics Camp

Did you know that ZelTech has been supporting, the Menchville High School Robotics Team “ Triple Helix? For several years, the company and Mr. Ezzell through personal contributions have supported the summer robotics camp and robotics competitions. As a team sponsor, ZelTech has played a significant role in the success of Triple Helix, and its ability to offer the camp to young members of our Hampton Roads Community.

Think a member of your family might be interested? The camp is designed for rising 5th through 8th graders who will explore the use of robots for future Deep Space Terraforming missions, where a planet in a remote star system may be transformed to support human habitation. Students will learn fundamental robot design and programming techniques as they build robots to complete a number of unique missions as efficiently as possible. The camp culminates in a fun and friendly competition amongst the campers to identify the Interstellar Champion of Robotics!
Spread the word and join this exciting opportunity for students in the Hampton Roads area.  Click here for more information.