2011 News

December 1, 2011 - ZelTech Delivers its First Training Device to US Army

Zel Technologies Training and Simulation Group has announced the delivery of its first training device to the US Army, the Strobe and MILES (SAM), a rugged, compact, self-contained MILES emitter device with strobe capabilities. The Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) is used by the US military and other armed forces round the world for training purposes.
Company representatives told the Show Daily that the rapid delivery of the SAM emphasizes some of the achievement goals of ZelTech's new Live Training and Simulation group - to deliver innovative products quickly. The group delivered the SAM device within two months of receiving the contract. This responsiveness enables warfighters to get the critical training they need faster.
The group specializes in delivering robust, reliable, and realistic training systems to the military and industry partners, and in doing so quickly and efficiently.
The SAM device is a solid-state 360 degree white strobe, designed to flash during the emission to provide a "scintillation" effect. The MILES emitters can be configured to cover 90º, 180º or a full 360º horizontal coverage and a 25º vertical coverage at a range of 30m. The unit can be configured to provide different MILES outputs. The SAM has multiple configuration options, is easy to set up, and requires no external computer interface or other devices.

July 18, 2011 - ZelTech Recipient of Task Order Contract Award Supporting the DIA MASINT NMO

Zel Technologies LLC (ZelTech) is the recipient of a task order contract award supporting the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) National Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Office (NMO).  The NMO Enterprise Services Support (NESS) contract will provide support to NMO in its mission to enhance the performance of MASINT and provide the means and mechanisms to establish a globally networked MASINT enterprise that makes actionable information available to decision makers. NESS functional services include:

  • Advice on policy development, compliance, and training support to NMO headquarters
  • Support to the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS)
  • Operation and maintenance of the MASINT portal
  • Requirements analyses
  • Architecture and life cycle support for NMO related systems


July 6, 2011 - ZelTech Wins a Subcontract for CBRNE and Biometrics Application Technology (CBAT)

Zel Technologies LLC (ZelTech) will be supporting Battelle on the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE) and Biometrics Application and Technologies (CBAT) services contract in support of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Office for Forensic Intelligence (DTK).  Maximum contract value over the five year ordering period is $950 million.  This effort will be performed to satisfy requirements of the Intelligence Community and DoD organizations.


July 5, 2011 - ZelTech Wins City of Hampton Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Collaboration Services Competition

The City of Hampton has announced ZelTech as the winner of their Customer Relationship Management & Collaboration Services competition. In partnership with Salesforce.com, ZelTech will provide business process management and data conversion services to the Economic Development Department within the City.  Salesforce.com will greatly improve reliability and extend the capabilities of both the Economic Development Department and the City of Hampton. As a Consulting Partner with Salesforce.com, we are excited about bringing the premier, cloud-based CRM solution to the City. As a trusted local integrator, ZelTech looks forward to continuing our long and productive relationship with the City.


April 25, 2011 - ZelTech Announces Training and Simulation Group

We are very proud to announce that ZelTech established this month a new Training and Simulation Group, composed of an extraordinary team of individuals who have highly regarded capabilities and past performance in the development, prototyping and fielding of devices that create very effective training and simulation environments. The primary customer initially is the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation in Orlando, Florida, but we will also actively pursue opportunities in all the military services and commands as well as in other government agencies. Our emphasis will be on tactical force on force training, range instrumentation, battlefield effects and system service life extensions. We will also provide operational and theater-level simulations and offer innovative communications, power, simulation and other technical solutions though internal R&D efforts. TSG_GroupThis significantly enhances ZelTech’s commitment to provide further support to US ground forces and to help improve the operational readiness of all of our troops as they prepare for the challenges of combat operations.

For further information, please contact Mr. Bill Barfield, our Training and Simulation Group manager, at bill.barfield@zeltech.com


April 11, 2011 - ZelTech Awarded ISO Re-Certification

ZelTech holds Certificate No: FS 68065 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the design and provision of information technology solutions, software development products, and systems engineering and integration services to government and commercial customers.

March 19, 2011 - Hampton Leads the Way in Fighting Cyber Attacks

See article by David Macaulay, at the dailypress.com or view in .pdf format. Visit Hampton's VOICCE website at www.voicce.net.