Z-MILES Universal Controller and Transfer Device (UCTD)


System Features

  • Transmits Universal Kill, Reset or Resurrect Codes to a maxium distance of 500 meters
  • Transmits weapon engagement, PID, administrative functions and a user-selectable number of word sequences at a maximum of 350 meters
  • Transmits time synchronization and MILES codes to a maximum of 100 meters
  • Training Data Transfer Deveice (TDTD)-like interface

The ZelTech Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (Z-MILES) Universal Controller and Transfer Device (UCTD) is fully PMT-90 compliant and provides a referee or Observer Controller (OC) with the capability to control force-on-force exercise training operations. This device provides the OC with full administrative control on the simulated battlefield by a pull of the trigger. The Z-MILES UCTD is an essential tool in all instrumented training environments worldwide. Its compact size and rugged construction enhances its usability in all weather conditions.