Z-MILES After Action Review System (ZAARS)


System Components

  • Laptop - standard laptop (optional)
  • Software Disk containing System software - allows transfer if desired
  • Communication RF KeyFob - allows direct and UCTD link and download
System Features
  • Delete, archive or restore Event Data Sets
  • Export the events associated with a specific exercise to printer if desired
Standardized Reports
  • Downloaded Event Records (example shown below)
  • Fratricide Incidents
  • Lethality Assessment Events
  • Firing Events
  • Cheat Events
  • Administrative Events
  • Custom Configuration Data

ZelTech’s After Action Review System (ZAARS) includes CD software and a Keyfob Radio Link that allows direct download of event information for fielded Z-MILES devices or data from the UCTD transfer device. After linking, the information downloaded can be stored for later viewing and can be consolidated to build a larger file for display and/or output to printer. Event information can be shown in a variety of ways so that details of exercise downloads can be quickly understood.