No-Flame M22 Safe Pyrotechnic

Micro PSSD


System Features

  • Identical Primer used to ensure complete compatibility
    with M22
  • 2-Stage expansion allows for easy detonation and ample explosion pressure to expel a simulated smoke
  • Sound pressure from breachable port exceeds 85db
  • Talcum powder based smoke outputs greater than 6' along the breached opening
  • Range Gunfire Simulation System (RGSS) configurable

The Micro Pyrotechnic Scalable Signature Device (PSSD) is a battle effects device that can be used in multiple ways. Smaller than the standard PSSD, the MicroPSSD can be used in situations with confined spaces or greater weight limitations. The Micropyro cards are available in a variety of signature effects and allow for easy setup and replenishment during training.