Agility Military Radio (AMR)


System Features

  • Software Configurable Radio
  • Supports COTS GPS Receiver, IWS vests and WITS
  • Optional 911 Alarm transmission (RID)
  • Highly flexible MAC to support TSPI, event and Ethernet user traffic
  • Custom, flexible, wide-band antenna available
  • Battery-powered
  • Daughter card connection for future upgrades

The KTS Agility Military Radio (AMR) supports the frequency band of 225-379 MHz and supports an optional fixed TV Band Device (TVBD), as well as the 900 MHz band. A wide variety of applications are supported including Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems (TESS), in Force-on-Force, Force-on-Target training and Land Navigation. The Hub radios in an AMR network can operate with an omni-directional or sector antenna depending on the coverage requirements.