Strobe and MILES (SAM)

SAMS Device


System Features

  • MILES Coverage - 30 meter range with user selectable coverage of 90, 180 or 360 degrees
  • Easy Alignment - 25 degree vertical coverage
  • Strobe - Includes a 360 degree strobe with a push button control for enabling or disabling the strobe
  • Eye Safety - Laser output is Class-1 eye safe in accordance with ANSI-Z-1361
  • MILES Selection - Selectable MILES outputs for different kill codes
  • Power - Uses four NiMH or alkaline AA batteries
  • Mounting - Place directly on any flat surface or mounted on a 1/4-20 bolt mounting point tripod
  • Trigger - Direct wire triggering for simple system integration

The system has 24 MILES lasers with a range of 30 meters and configurable zone-based coverage up to 360 degrees. The SAM also contains a visual strobe and features a direct line trigger interface. The unit is designed for portable outdoor use and operates for up to six months on internal batteries.