Z-MILES Small Arms Transmitter (SAT)


System Features

  • All-weather construction
  • Eye safe MILES laser
  • RF communications
  • Visual cues
MILES Laser Ranges
  • Meets all MILES specifications
  • M4/M16 - 500 meters
  • M249 - 600 meters
  • M240 - 1100 meters
  • M2 - 1800 meters

The ZelTech Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (Z-MILES) Small Arms Transmitter (SAT) is a barrel mounted MILES laser transmitter. The new Z-MILES SAT has been specifically designed for ease of use and installation on the M4/M16A2, M249, M240, and M2 weapons. The Z-MILES SAT provides essential reliability during all-weather training environments, while withstanding the most extreme temperatures mounted on a weapons barrel.