Z-MILES Soldier Weapon System (SWS)

Z-Miles Man-Worn Detector System

System Features

  • True daylight visible display
  • Full RF LPAN and optical intrasystem communication links
  • Interface to Player Unit
  • Less obtrusive than previous designs
  • Event storage and action/dynamic download as desired

System Components

  • Helmet Detector
  • Man-Worn Harness
  • Control Display Unit (CDU)
  • Harness Detector Array
  • Small Arms Transmitter (SAT)

The ZelTech Multiple Integration Laser Engagement System (Z-MILES) Soldier Weapon System (SWS) is a fully integrated training system that is IMILES compatible. The strategically placed user display provides easy access to real-time data, event history and even an optional 911 distress call through a simplified user menu. The system is designed to be adaptable for training scenarios, and can be fitted with shoulder mounted IED blast simulators. The SWS is fully PMT-90 compliant, and offers enhancements that meet all MILES specifications.